How to Spend your Spring Break in New Orleans Personal Injury Attorney

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How to Spend your Spring Break in New Orleans

Spring Break in New Orleans will be an experience you’ll never forget. Whether you want to explore the great outdoors, dance the night away on Bourbon Street, or take in some of the best live music in the world, you’ll find it all in New Orleans. But with all the fun and festivities in the […]

| Posted: March 18, 2018

What is Maritime Law?

Maritime commerce plays a major role in New Orleans. Maritime law governs any activities that occur on the water and includes many legal issues that also occur on land. This can include criminal offenses, workers’ comp, personal injury, and more. But maritime law includes special legal rules. Maritime law is complex and requires a skilled […]

| Posted: March 14, 2018

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect

It can be a difficult decision to put an elderly family member in to a nursing home. It becomes even more excruciating when you discover they may not be receiving the care they need or the respect they deserve. If you begin to notice signs of abuse or neglect, you need to take immediate action […]

| Posted: March 11, 2018

From French to Irish: St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans

Celebrated on March 17 of each year, St. Patrick’s Day festivities embrace the luck of the Irish, which occurs, of course, in New Orleans too. It’s a time of parties, parades, costumes, drinking, and celebrating being “Irish” – even if that’s not what you usually identify as. Unfortunately, the luck of the Irish can run […]

| Posted: March 7, 2018

5 Interesting Facts About Daylight Savings Time (DST)

As Daylight Saving Time approaches, you might wonder how and why we set our clocks forward in the spring and then back in the fall. The time difference has more effect than you may realize, and you can be more likely to be in an accident and need the services of a New Orleans car […]

| Posted: March 4, 2018