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Defective Products

Beware defective products

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When a consumer purchases a product they assume that the product is safe and does the job it claims to do. Product manufacturers, designers, and retailers have a responsibility to consumers to do so. Unfortunately, some products make it to the market without first guaranteeing safety for public use and consumption.

Sometimes, companies find out about the issue and recall the product. While other times the problem is brought to light by someone being injured as a result of use. When a person gets injured or dies after using a defective product the manufacturer, designer or retailer may be liable.

There are three different types of liability for injury or death caused by defective products.

  • Negligence

    Negligence claims can be brought when a manufacturer or designer knows their product is defective and doesn’t take any action or is negligent or careless during the manufacturing or design process.

  • Strict Liability

    A person can be responsible under strict liability even if they were not at fault or negligent. The injured party must prove that the item was defective, caused the injury and is unreasonably dangerous.

  • Breach of warranty

    The designers, manufacturers, and retailers can be liable if the product is not reasonably safe. Even if the product doesn’t come with a printed warranty, there can still have implied warranties.

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